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Managing the Virtual Learning Process!

At the request of many of our Customers, ALESYS now offers Managing the Virtual Learning Process EffectivelySM, which is an exciting new tailored version of our anchor professional development program for Trainers called Managing the Learning Process Effectively®. MVLPE is focused on helping workplace Trainers transition quickly and confidently from delivering in a physical classroom to delivering in the virtual learning environment, while still preserving the quality and effectiveness of each program they deliver. This new program is also very popular with SMEs and all levels of Manager who must share information in the virtual environment - March, 2012.

LMC is now available in Japanese!

In April of 2009, ALESYS delivered the first session of Managing the Learning Process EffectivelySM in Japan.

LMC Community Forum

If you have taken any of our LMC curriculum, or are an ALESYS Certified Learning Manager, share your experiences and questions with our LMC community and the ALESYS Senior Learning Managers. All you need is your email address and
ALESYS-provided password.

Managing the Learning Process Effectively® - The #1 ranked Train the Trainer program
as ranked by our learners.

Training Courses

These training programs are the core of our Learning Manager Certification (LMC) Process.  They are available for delivery in your organization, either as separate programs or as part of our LMC certification process.

Managing the Learning Process Effectively® (MLPE)
- Our foundational Train the Trainer program.  It is robust and is designed for anyone who is responsible for training or teaching others.

Effective Classroom Time ManagementSM (ECTM)
- How to manage Learners, materials, and time in the classroom.

Effective Coaching Skills for Learning Managers® (ECSLM)
- The title says it all; our LMC-certified Trainers say it is indispensible.

Presentation and Delivery Skills for Effective LearningSM (PDSEL)
- For those new to the training/teaching role, this is a foundational (optional) program.

Managing the Virtual Learning Process Effectively®(MVLPE)
- For anyone who must share learning content or information with others in a virtual environment. This is an optional program of Learning Manager Certification.


"My management team and peers have commented about the changes in my training delivery and facilitation, and I'm proud to explain that ALESYS is responsible!"

"Wow! I picked up some wonderful tools to help me in my job."

"Full of 'what's in it for me,' exciting, definitely kept me engaged as a Learner."

"Valuable. I have learned a lot to use in the future."

"I love MLPE and the LMC process, it changed my outlook on training and gave me the skills I needed to become more than just a trainer. I am now a manager of the learning process!"

Delivery Options - Individuals

These powerful Facilitator-led programs are available as direct delivery sessions for small groups of Trainers or Content Experts.

Please contact us by email, or call 800.758.1071 ext. 225 to request information on scheduling sessions in your area.

To register for an upcoming session in your area, Please contact us by email, or call 800.758.1071 ext. 225